In Office Lab and x-ray Services

For your convenience we will be able to perform many common lab and x-ray tests without you leaving our office.

In-Office Lab


For your conviencence, the Bozeman Clinic offers in-house laboratory services. Our lab is staffed by clinical laboratory scientists who hold bachelors degrees in Microbiology. These professionals have a wonderful reputation for compassionate, excellent, and efficient patient care.  Our patients have informed us that they want their laboratory services done ONLY at the Bozeman Clinic.

We are proud of our lab and its scientists who consistently pass State of Montana inspections every two years. In addition, they receive excellent comments from the inspector regarding their compliance with State and Federal regulations.


In-Office Radiology

For your convienence, the Bozeman Clinic offers in-house general x-ray services to assist the providers with the diagnosis of your condition. Elaine Nielsen RT is a Nationally and State registered Radiological Technologist. Karen Clark is a State certified technician. These long-term Bozeman Clinic employees are happy to provide you with professional radiologic services. There may be times, depending on your insurance plan, when we may need to refer you to outside radiology services.

  • In-Office Lab
  • In-Office Radiology

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