Physical Exams

We provide physicals for all ages, including sports and employment physicals.

Physical Exams

The physical exam, whether done annually or less frequently, is an important part of health and well-being for all patients. The  routine annual exam may give us the opportunity to make an early diagnosis for a health condition and to provide guidance for healthy lifestyles.

The physical exam provides time for you and your provider to develop a relationship and an overall plan of care and health maintenance based on your individual health and family history.  Included in a physical exam is a thorough personal medical and surgical history,  family and social history, medication review, vital signs, head-to-toe assessment of organ systems, review of your immunization status, and screening recommendations based on gender, age, and health.

For some people, having an annual physical exam is a source of reassurance. Others see it as an alarm system, to catch health problems before they become serious. Regardless of how you feel about this visit with your doctor, you can be assured that the Bozeman Clinic providers will spend time listening to your concerns and will work with you based on your individual health needs.

At The Bozeman Clinic, we perform physicals for the Department of Transportation (DOT). To fill out the proper forms for your DOT Physical, click here.

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