Men's Health

Where men can have health conditions evaluated and treated privately and confidentially

Men’s Health Services

At the Bozeman Clinic, we provide care for men. Studies have shown that men are not as eager to seek out medical care as are their female counterparts. However, men have some special and unique needs. The providers of the Bozeman Clinic continually stay up-to date on the latest evidence-based recommendations regarding Men’s Health. Some of the services that we provide to men include:


  • Preventative and problem-focused health exams including recommended lab studies
  • Guidance regarding the utilization of exercise tailored to the individual in order to improve health outcomes
  • Consultations for special concerns that men face regarding the prostate and ED (Erectile Dysfunction).
  • Vasectomy for family planning. This procedure is performed by Dr. Gabor Benda within our clinic and requires a pre-vasectomy consult.
  • Colonoscopy for cancer screening or diagnosis. This procedure is performed by one of our family physicians, Dr. Steven Roberts, who has received specialized training. This procedure requires a pre-colonoscopy consult.
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy as an alternative cancer screening procedure.
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) exams performed by our DOT certified physician Dr. Larry Sonnenberg.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and care management of acute and chronic illnesses.

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