Heart Health

Your heart matters.

Your Heart Matters


To prevent yourself from having a heart attack, you need to be aware of the risk factors and know the signs to watch for. It used to be that heart disease was primarily a men’s health issue, however, every year heart disease kills half a million women. More women die of heart disease than breast cancer and it can strike the young and old alike.

You might not give it much thought day by day, but your heart is the most important and hard working muscle in your body as it is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen to all of your organs. Serious problems may develop when your heart does not get the care it needs. One of the big problems that may develop is the formation of plaque along the lining of your arteries which leads to the blockage of blood flow and heart attacks.

Some of the screening services offered at the Bozeman Clinic related to heart disease are EKG, chest x-ray, blood tests, and vital sign measurements. In addition, we refer patients for more comprehensive cardiac screening or cardiology consultation as needed.

It is important to understand the conditions that can affect your heart such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, diabetes, and poor dietary and exercise habits.The providers and nursing staff at the Bozeman Clinic are here to help and support you with heart related diagnosis and treatment and are eager to support and assist you with life-style changes that will help prevent or manage your heart related condition.

Your heart matters to your family providers at the Bozeman Clinic!



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